Educators, Researchers, Conservation Scientists. 

Jim Riley 

Jim Riley is co-founder of Jardín Botánico de San Quintín and has spent the last few years coordinating biodiversity assessments in Reserva Natural Valle Tranquilo and other regions in Northwest Baja California. Jim re-dedicated his time to environmental advocacy after a career in finance and has now dedicated himself to the conservation of pristine landscapes in Baja California. He is the author of Plant Guide, Maritime Succulent Scrub Plant Region, Baja California published by the Botanical Research Institute of Texas. Mr. Riley has a B.S. in Physics.


Jorge Simancas, M.S.

Jorge is a Conservationist who works in northwest Baja California and as a marine wildlife observer on the seas of the world. He is a co-founder of Jardín Botánico de San Quintín. His scientific career has gone through the micro and the macro of plants and animals. In his master thesis Jorge evaluated the quality of habitat during the non-breeding season of Black Brant geese in San Quintín Bay, Baja California. He has worked on several national and state forest inventories, and he is co-author of a population survey of nocturnal rodents in Reserva Natural Valle Tranquilo. 


Susana Alfaro, M.S.

Susana is a anthrobotanist who studies historic and current human relationships with the environment and landscapes. Her thesis and current work focuses on early farming and animal husbandry in central Mexico. She is a co-founder of Jardín Botánico de San Quintín and is in charge of the community outreach and education. Prior to co-founding JBSQ, Ms. Alfaro worked on several biological surveys in mainland Mexico and in a women’s outreach and eduational program for at-risk women. 


Sula Vanderplank PHD

Sula is a Conservation Scientist who works as a Biodiversity Explorer for the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, and serves as Science Advisor for Terra Peninsular, AC. She received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Riverside, and is a research associate at the San Diego Natural History Museum. She has spent the last 10 years studying the flora of NW Baja California, where her favorite habitat is Maritime Succulent Scrub. She wrote her masters thesis on the flora of San Quintín and later authored the regional field guide Quail- friendly Plants of Baja California